Product: AP31523SU-NC1q antibody
Quantity: 1 ml
Synonyms: Complement 1q, Complement C1q
Presentation: Serum
Clonality: Polyclonal
Host: Rabbit
CAS NO: 164656-23-9 Product: Dutasteride
Shipping to: Worldwide
Immunogen: The subunit C1q is isolated as a homogenous protein for use in antiserum production. Freund’s complete adjuvant is used in the first step of the immunization procedure.GeneID:712
Application: Can be used in precipitating techniques as immunoelectrophoresis and single or double radial immunodiffusion to identify the presence of C1q or C1q containing complexes in human plasma or other body fluids or to determine its concentration. The presence o
Background: C1 component of Human complement is a complex of three glycoproteins: C1q, C1r and C1s. C1q has a molecular weight of 492.000 and is present in plasma in an average concentration of 80 μg/ml. It consists of a complex of 18 polypeptide chains of three diff
Concentration: Total protein and IgG concentrations in the antiserum are comparable to those of pooled normal rabbit serum. No foreign proteins added.
Storage: Prior to reconstitution store at 2-8°C.Following reconstitution store undiluted at 2-8°C for one weekor (in aliquots) at -20°C for longer.Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.Shelf life: one year from despatch.
Buffer System: No preservative added. – No foreign proteins added.
State: Delipidated, heat inactivated, lyophilized, stable whole antiserumSerum
Specifictiy: The reactivity of the antiserum is restricted to C1q. In immunoelectrophoresis and radial immunodiffusion (Ouchterlony), using various antiserum concentrations against fresh normal human plasma a single precipitin line is obtained which shows a reaction o

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