Product: TA328199Casein kinase II subunit alpha antibody
Quantity: 0.4 ml
Synonyms: CK II alpha, CK2A1, CSNK2A1
Presentation: Purified
Clonality: Polyclonal
Host: Rabbit
CAS NO: 1258226-87-7Web Site:Medchemexpress
Shipping to: Europe, USA/Canada
Immunogen: This Rat Csnk2a1 antibody is generated from rabbits immunized with a KLH conjugated synthetic peptide between 28-50 amino acids from the N-terminal region of Rat Csnk2a1.GeneID:116549
Application: WB: 1:1000
Background: Catalytic subunit of a constitutively active serine/threonine-protein kise complex that phosphorylates a large number of substrates containing acidic residues C-termil to the phosphorylated serine or threonine. Regulates numerous cellular processes, such
Buffer System: PBS with 0.09% (W/V) sodium azide.
State: Purified

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