The pilot study carried out and for effortless classification with the data reported. The following 5 queries have been asked to construct on our initial study amongst pharmacists across India: 1. Within the final two months, did patients come to acquire medicines with out prescriptions 2. What proportion (25 , 2550 , 5075 , or 75100 ) of total sufferers came for medicines with out prescriptions 3. For which of those medicines (Azithromycin, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Vitamin C) did they come for without prescription 4. Was there a rise within the sale from the above medicines in 2020 in comparison with the earlier year (2019) [Yes/No]Journal of Household Medicine and Primary CareResultsThe study was carried out among 212 pharmacies of which 204 pharmacies agreed to take part in the study (response rate = 96.22 ). A total of 180 (88.23 ) pharmacies revealed that in general, individuals did come to obtain medicines without having valid prescriptions, and 24 pharmacies (11.7 ) reported no patients came without having prescriptions to receive their medicines. When asked about specifically what proportion of individuals came with no prescriptions, from the 180 pharmacies, 105 (58.33 ) pharmacies reported that 25 of patients came without a prescription, 59 (32.77 ) pharmacies reported 2550 of sufferers, 14 (7.77 ) pharmacies reported 5075 of individuals, and two pharmacies (1.1 ) reported 75 in the patients. Out on the 204 pharmacies, 188 pharmacies responded towards the query with regards to “for which drug did they came to get without having prescription”. Amongst the 188 pharmacies who responded, 68 on the pharmacies reported that patients came for acquiring azithromycin with no a prescription.Oxfendazole Biological Activity Furthermore, 91.Surfactin site four in the pharmacies reported that patients came for the overthecounter medication Vitamin C and 17.PMID:24318587 5 every single for HCQ and ivermectin [Figure 1]. A total of 199 pharmacies responded to the query relating to the increase in sales during the pandemic with 171 (85.92 ) reporting a rise in comparison to last year (2020 vs. 2019). With the 204 pharmacies, 202 answered concerning the percentage raise inside the sale in the four designated drugs given that twoVolume 11 : Situation 2 : FebruaryDutta, et al.: COVID19 drugs demand without prescriptionpharmacies have been new and opened in 2020. The majority from the pharmacies (51.5 ) reported that there was a 25 raise within the sale of azithromycin. In comparison, most of the pharmacies reported that there was no adjust in the sale of HCQ (54 ) or ivermectin (51.5 ). 39.six of pharmacies responding reported a 75 increase in vitamin C sales compared to the previous year [Table 1]. Inside a a number of logistic regression model (Chi2 = 25.14, P 0.001), a rise in sale of COVID19 medicines was considerably related with patient requests for azithromycin [OR = 3.40 (1.13, ten.21), P = 0.029] and vitamin C [OR = 8.59 (2.54, 29.05), P = 0.001] within the final two months [Table 2]. This model could clarify 22.0 of your variability.surveyed 212 pharmacies with a response rate of 96.2 , with most pharmacies reporting that sufferers, in general, do method them with no valid prescriptions. Nevertheless, encouragingly the big proportion of individuals with out a valid prescription was much less than 25 in the total patients approached. Amongst the four drugs enquired, the majority of sufferers approached the pharmacists for azithromycin and vitamin C. General even though, growing sales of azithromycin, HCQ, ivermectin, vitamin C have been observed in 2020 as in comparison to the prior year, with the maximum increas.