Species: Human Expressing host: E. coli Description: Recombinant Human CXCL10/IP-10 Protein is produced byE. coliexpression system. The target protein is expressed with sequence (Val22-Pro98](M)) of human CXCL10/IP-10 (Accession #NP_001556.2) fused with and a 6His tag at the C-terminus. Tag: C-His Endotoxin: preparation: Supplied as a 0.22 m filtered solution in PBS, pH 7.4. Storage This product is stable at -70C for up to 1 year from the date of receipt.
For optimal storage, aliquot into smaller quantities after centrifugation and store at recommended temperature.Unopened freeze-dried powder,Store at -20 to -80 °C for twelve months

Background Information : C-X-C Motif Chemokine Ligand 10 (CXCL10) is a pro-inflammatory chemokine secreted by a wide spectrum of cells. It is involved in multiple mechanisms and reported to have pleiotropic effects, including immune cell migration and attraction to inflammation sites, angiogenesis, and cancer cell growth. CXCL10 is produced by pancreatic islet cells upon inflammatory stress and is specifically recognized by C-X-C Motif Chemokine Receptor 3 (CXCR3) which is expressed by activated T-lymphocytes and other immune cells. GeneID 3627 Swiss Prot P02778 Alias: C7; IFI10; INP10; IP-10; crg-2; mob-1; SCYB10; gIP-10;CXCL10MedChemExpress (MCE) recombinant proteins include: cytokines, enzymes, growth factors, hormones, receptors, transcription factors, antibody fragments, etc. They are often essential for supporting cell growth, stimulating cell signaling pathways, triggering or inhibiting cell differentiation; and are useful tools for elucidating protein structure and function, understanding disease onset and progression, and validating pharmaceutical targets. At MedChemExpress (MCE), we strive to provide products with only the highest quality. Protein identity, purity and biological activity are assured by our robust quality control and assurance procedures.
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